Gyanodaya Gurukul

Gyanodaya Gurukul

Nursery - Class XII

Rajdhani Nagar, Gola Road - 801503

+91-7463884101, +9-7463884102


About Gyanodaya Gurukul

Gyanodaya Gurukul is a located at Rajdhani Nagar, Gola Road, Patna. It is affiliated with CBSE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. The Gyanodaya Gurukul is upto which class ?
A: Nursery - Class XII

Q. Which board is this school affiliated to ?

Q. What are the facilities available in school ?
A: Please read above our facility section.

Q. Is Gyanodaya Gurukul hindi or english medium?
A: English

Q. Is Gyanodaya Gurukul co-educational?
A: Yes, school is co-ed.

Q. Is there a bus or transportation system ?
A: Yes, bus or transport systerm is available.


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  • Medical
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  • Computer