Surekha Prakash Bhai Public School

Surekha Prakash Bhai Public School

Nursery - Class XII

Bahera Ashram, J.P. Campus, Chauparan - 825406

+91-9934151198, +91-9939823170


About Surekha Prakash Bhai Public School

Accordingly experienced, qualified and committed teachers have been enrolled who are working under the able leadership of professionally qualified Principal and the school management board. Having regular exposure to premier educational institutions of the country and abroad, by the founder members of NBJK, they guide SPPS in updating its syllabus, best teaching methodology and extra curricular activities. Thus in these few years SPPS has become one of the best English Medium schools taking nominal fee and other charges. In January 2010 This school has got affiliation with the CBSE board, Delhi, and recently it has got affiliation for senior secondary level(10+2) an essential requirement for recognition and future of the students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. The Surekha Prakash Bhai Public School is upto which class ?
A: Nursery - Class XII

Q. Which board is this school affiliated to ?

Q. What are the facilities available in school ?
A: Please read above our facility section.

Q. Is Surekha Prakash Bhai Public School hindi or english medium?
A: English

Q. Is Surekha Prakash Bhai Public School co-educational?
A: Yes, school is co-ed.

Q. Is there a bus or transportation system ?
A: Yes, bus or transport systerm is available.

Q. Does the school have boarding (residential) facilities ?
A: 1


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