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Colleges in India

There are three levels of education system in our country- primary, secondary and higher. Of these, primary and secondary level education is provided at the school level, while higher education is given at college and university level.Education providers can be of two types - government and private. Private colleges can be run with partial funding of the government (which is called Aid) and may also be self-financed (which are called un-aded). Government colleges establish and manage government. He also grants these colleges a grant. When resources are limited to provide the universal facility of education to the government, the help of the private sector is taken. Private sector in Indian higher education is strong.Higher education in India provides an opportunity to gain expertise in an area and includes technical schools (such as Indian Institute of Technology), colleges and universities.India's higher education system is the world's third largest higher education system after United State and China. The Higher Education Department is answerable for the overall development of the infrastructure in the field of education. Under a well planned scheme, the department looks at the work of exaggerating improvement in quality education and access to higher education through world class universities, colleges and other institutions.